Frontend Love - Amsterdam

When hearing the city Amsterdam, I immediately think of a few things: legal drugs, the red light district, more coffeeshops than regular shops and a lot of museums. It’s hard to believe that you would visit Amsterdam for other purposes. Believe it or not, but I did. I visited Amsterdam for the Frontend love conference, located in the Theatre of Amsterdam.

Application Insights Overview

It was a 2 day conference, all about the latest frontend frameworks. The first day covered Angular, Vue.js and React.js. The second day was dedicated to Vue.js.

I was interested in both days, because hearing about all the major frameworks on day 1, and hearing the latest things on the upcoming framework Vue.js seemed very interesting for me. But unfortunately, only day 1 fitted my agenda. So this post will only cover day 1.

If you’re still here, it means you are interested in the conference, and not the legal drugs and the red light district. Frontend love had its first conference with the topic of frontend frameworks. This means it has a wide range, where every frontend developer could learn a few new things. That’s where it got my interest: you are not put inside a box, you’re a frontend developer.

The conference itself was well organized. It started with a breakfast, the schedule was about right, there was an overload of food and drinks, and the screen was amazing. Well, actually, you can’t call it a screen. It had the size of 3 movie theater screens, and the animations were amazing. A really big applause to the guys who created this.

Application Insights Overview

The highlighted moments for me were the first speaker: Sarah Dranser, Luca Mezzalira, Kitze Ristovski, Gerard Sans (also the host), Ivana Setiawan and Jen Looper. This is actually already a long list of names, the proof it was a great conference with amazing speakers.

Sarah Drasner (Senior Developer Advocate at Microsoft)

Sarah Drasner

She showed us how easy it can be to use Vue.js to animate your website. It’s amazing to see what you can do, with little efforts. She even got me thinking about taking courses to learn more about animations. The talk was a rollercoaster. A rollercoaster because she showed us so many things, in 1 timeslot. Also because she showed us animations that would make your website like a rollercoaster: fun from beginning till the end.

Luca Mezzalira (Google developer expert)

Luca Mezzalira

His topic was Mobx. Fun fact, the creator of mobX was also a speaker (Michel Weststrate). MobX is actually a library to manage your applications state. Anything that can be derived from the application state, should be derived. Automatically. Which includes the UI, data serialization, server communication, etc. He also showed us an example in React.js.

Kitze Ristovski (Teacher at React Academy)

Kitze Ristovski

He’s a born speaker. I’m not really into React (yet), but he was able to interest me in his talk. Maybe it was because I wasn’t sure I was listening to a frontend developer or a comedian. He used a lot of humour when he talked, and I don’t think he had hard time to make these jokes. The entire Theatre was enthusiastic and helped him with the example. A showcase of the new features in React 16.

Gerard Sans (Google developer expert)

Gerard Sans

He’s an Angular expert. He discussed more about the NGRX package. NGRX is a RxJS powered state management for Angular applications, inspired by Redux . He convinced me to actually try this one out.

Ivana Setiawan (Freelance front end developer & founder CEO Venopi)

Ivana Setiawan

She had a light talk (15min) about choosing the right framework. It was quite interesting how she was able to tell you that the right framework doesn’t exist. Also, at one point, I was thinking: Am I listening to a developer, or a philosopher, it was that good.

Jen Looper (Developer Advocate at Progress)

Jen Looper

She made a comparison with React Native, Nativescript and Ionic. For me, as an Ionic developer, this was one of the talks I looked forward to the most. I was already interested in the other 2 frameworks, but she made an exact app, of all sorts of cheese, with the 3 frameworks. She, as a Nativescript developer, had a big favorite of course. But she was able to discuss the processes of making one and the same app, but with other languages. She made a comparison of how to start, how to continue, and how to launch the app.

Conclusion of my first ever conference


This is actually the best picture to describe the conference. I wasn’t aware that memes are used in this kind of setting. But every speaker was using them. All with a purpose, and all to the point. I had a great time in Amsterdam, and I learned a lot of new things.

Shawn Hellinckx