We stand for:


Time off is mandatory to charge your batteries. We offer a minimum of 32 holidays a year so you can spend it the way it suits you best.

Great Team

A strong company is a mix between talent & hard work. We make sure everyone is respected and heard. Team building FTW!

You choose

Collaborators choose the type of project they would like to take. We want you to be happy & proud of the work you're doing.


Committing to a tech role is a lifelong journey. We invest in training, courses, workshops and anything that keeps our people up to date.


We have an open mindset ready to change when we see it's the right approach. We thank the growth of Blue Frontend due to its openness and flexibility.

Understand Our Hiring Process

We give our hiring process a very personal touch. Each case is a special case, but overall you can expect the following process to happen.


Our recruitment team will analyze your application, work experience and cover letter. We respect your time invested in this process. During the whole process, we'll make sure to be in touch at least once a week with you. Don't worry, you are not going to be left in the dark!